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  • Clarity around your company vision

  • Clear and defined team roles

  • Systems and processes that will help your team run smoother

  • E-Learning Resources & Products for your Business and Staff

  • Training and onboarding made easy

Krystal Clear Solutions offers a tiered service offering to meet your company wherever you are in your implementation journey, which includes following

Business Meeting

Business Strategy

Visual Project

Project Management

Team Meeting

Deliverable Management

Just Married

Events Management

Welcome to


Clear Solutions

Krystal Clear Solutions is a Boutique Project Management Firm that specializes in Project Management, developing, implementing, and evaluating private, public and social impact programs.

CEO, Dr. Krystal Logan, DPA brings over 10 years of experience in Project Management to KCS with expertise in training, implementation, and process management.

The key role of KCS is to mitigate risks by identifying them early and defining these issues in terms of cost, time, and program impact, thus allowing the organization to make the most informed decision possible while making the most efficient use of its available funds.


Krystal Clear Solutions has the ability to bring ideas to life and create "Krystal Clear Play Books" to deliver on your business ideas and enhancements within the vehicle of your company's product project. Once the goal is clear, the root cause and net effect of the goal /project is studied. With over 10 years of experience of review collection & evaluations in public, private, and non-profit sectors, we lead with our strengths by collaborating with your team to launch initiatives that will work for your company to solve the problems you have identified. Krystal Clear Solutions will keep your project and initiatives moving forward with the big picture and end goal in mind.

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